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4D Kingdom Builders

A 4D Kingdom Builder is a Christ-follower who does not compartmentalize their faith but lives up to their maximum potential in all areas of life. A 4D Kingdom Builder is a spiritual leader and a difference-maker everywhere they go.
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April Focus: Victorious Living


Worried? Down? Anxious? Even fearful?  Too much going on too fast?  Working hard at life but not feeling good about what you’re doing or what you’ve done?  Most of us have been in this place.  It is a period of being overwhelmed and uncomfortable.  Most of us know that this is not a part of God’s desire for us, but don’t know how to get out.

For some, honestly answering the following questions and making necessary changes can go a long way in achieving the peace God desires. 

  • Where are you with your everyday experience with God?  Are you aware that He is with you every moment (not just Sundays) and seeks to lighten your load?  Can you “let go” and give to him those areas that weigh you down?  Remember, we serve a God of peace and He desires that for you.  (John 14:27). 
  • Is it time to re-establish some boundaries and parameters in some areas of your life?  Most of us have too much pulling at our time and energy and we often feel we are investing in areas that are not really a priority.  You can’t do it all and you’re not supposed to!  (Matthew 6:25-34)
  • Where are your thoughts going most of the time?  How are you interpreting your circumstances?  So many times we are our own worst enemy going the route of negativity and hopelessness rather than Gospel centered thinking and the truth of Scripture (Romans 12:1-2).


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