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A 4D Kingdom Builder is a Christ-follower who does not compartmentalize their faith but lives up to their maximum potential in all areas of life. A 4D Kingdom Builder is a spiritual leader and a difference-maker everywhere they go.
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June Focus: Neighboring

What will you be doing this summer?

  • • Cookouts on the grill in the backyard
    • Taking walks with your family through the neighborhood
    • Mowing the lawn
    • Entertaining friends in your home
    • Playing corn hole or other games outside
    • Going to the neighborhood pool
    • Walking the dog

Everything you do this summer can be an opportunity to serve people and show the love of Christ to the people in your neighborhood. Here are a few ideas:

  • Show hospitality. In addition to entertaining your close friends and family members in your home, how about inviting some of your neighbors, especially those you have not had the chance to get to know yet? Build friendships, have a word of prayer to give thanks for the food, and show the love of Christ through your hospitality. You never know how a cup of coffee or grilled burger might lead someone to life-changing faith in Jesus
  • Serve your neighbors. Perhaps there is an elderly family in the neighborhood who would appreciate you mowing their lawn. If you find out that your neighbors had a significant life event, whether good or bad (new job, birth of a baby, death in the family, etc), deliver a meal or dessert to the family. We serve our community to impact lives.
  • Make new friends. At the pool, on walks through the neighborhood, playing games outside or walking the dog, follow the example of Jesus and engage people in conversation. Ask them about themselves, get to know them, and tell them a little about yourself. You may have opportunities to invite them to church or to share your story of faith with them. Pray for them.

As 4D Kingdom Builders, we ask God to use us to make disciples everywhere we go: @home, @church, @work and @community.

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